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Metallic Stairs

The metallic staircases are inox. What other metal except inox can guarantee the life expectancy for the mechanical and the stainless properties of a flight of stairs, whether they're internal stairs or outdoor stairs?
The problems of the traditional iron staircases kept them outside of the house and the problems of the internal wooden staircases pushed them outdoors as well.

The stainless metallic staircases don't grind, they are absolute silent, they are clean and bright, they do not have an expiration date, they need little to none maintenance, they are powerfull and eternal.
The metallic staircases of the 21st century will last through the years staying new and bright alongside your building.


Shade your space adding a special touch to your home. Experience and enjoy the patio or garden.

Pergolas act as natural air conditioners when combined with awnings or climbing plants. The carefully selected paint, the improved colors which are extremely resistant to time and the hidden metal links give you unparalleled aesthetics.

Pergolas - Shading systems

  • gallerypergola code 295b
    gallerypergola code 295b
  • gallerypergola code 296b
    gallerypergola code 296b
  • gallerypergola p01b
    gallerypergola p01b
  • gallerypergola p02b
    gallerypergola p02b
  • gallerypergola perg wood ab
    gallerypergola perg wood ab
  • gallerypergola p1010860b
    gallerypergola p1010860b
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